Jesus On Divorce

Jesus On Divorce

Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday Of
The Nineteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 19:3-12

The decision to make someone your life partner is one of the most important decisions one takes in their lives; one that opens up whole new path ahead. From the beginning God made ‘man’ and “woman” to be joined together to become one, and this joining was not to be broken apart. 

The indissolubility of the matrimonial covenant is a fundamental teaching of the catholic church, a principle proposed by God himself. Jesus beautifully recalls and reiterates this teaching when confronted with the question of divorce. The sacrament of marriage is administered by the couple to each other and hence the commitment to stay together till death is a beautiful bond of love, a reflection of the love of God to God’s people, his bride, the Church. 

On the other hand the gift of celibacy is also unique and not an easy alternative, but one done in response to God’s call. It is another significant way to express your life long fidelity to God and for the sake of his Kingdom.

We reflect on the choices that we made, and how these choices reveal God’s fidelity to me? Have we looked out well for our partners, and God who is always present with us struggling with us?

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