In Prayer Ask, Search, Knock


Matthew 7:7-12

  • God is Father
    • And provides us like a Father
  • Are we even remotely qualified to ask?
    • Do we understand the scope, depth and the results of our asking?
    • We ask only with the miniscule scope of what we want, why we want and when we want.
    • So if we ask, and it is wrong, God cannot give,
    • Because as Father, he cannot give us anything that will harm us or others, because of our asking.
  • But Jesus does tells us to ask.
    • So how can we ask correctly …?
  • Simple solution
    • Ask and desire to have a relationship with God
    • Seek and Search for his will in all we do…
    • Persistently knock or Come before God with the need to
      • Be in a relationship with him
      • Know his will for your life
      • And ask his presence go with us (Holy Spirit) everywhere and every moment.
  • When we have him and the grace of his wisdom in us
    • Then we will see him providing for us
    • Understand and see his Fatherhood in our lives
    • And enjoy the companionship of the Holy Spirit in all our moments of life.