Concerning Anger


Matthew 5:20-26


  • Anger is all about losing Control
    • And one thing leading to another
    • without being aware of the consequences.
  • Anger is meant to make us aware of our feelings and situations
    • when things around us are wrong
    • and the need to correct them
  • But we cannot react from being angry
    • Remember thought the situation need rectifying
    • We may not know all the reality of the present circumstance
    • nor the right and proper way to deal with the circumstance
    • nor have the capacity to understand the repercussions in the long term
  • There is someone who does
    • We need to approach him
    • surrender our understanding
    • motives and solutions to him
    • and ask him to lead our actions and path
  • Secondly this passage also speaks of a life which springs forth
    • from being in a relationship with God
    • Read through the Gospels
    • Especially the Sermon on the Mount
    • And you will see that Jesus is inviting us to live a just and good life
    • In partnership with Him
    • And everyone around us
  • In the Sermon on the Mount
    • He helps us see that Life in God
    • Is not the same as what society proclaims as truth.
    • God’s truth is best understood by being in a relationship with Him.
    • And living by every word that comes from the mouth of God
    • Is righteousness of God
    • Which we otherwise can only dream of.
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