The Sign of Jonah


Luke 11:29-32


  • The corrupted influence of the Pharisees is yet again on display
    • They have heard of Jesus’ Signs and Miracles
    • Seen some for themselves
    • Have heard his teachings
    • And found no fault in them
    • His teachings heighten the meaning of holiness
    • He demands everyone to have a close and personal relationship with God
    • And calls God Abba.
  • Yet they want a personalised sign so that they may believe, they say
    • Here we can safely apply the responses of Mary and Zechariah to the Angel Gabriel’s message to them
      • One was encouraged,
      • The other made mute
    • This was so because
      • One believed and trusted, and wanted to understand the process
      • The other disbelieved because he limited God to what God could do and not do
    • How can He and his wife old and baren bear children he thought
  • The Pharisees are asking for a sign
    • Possibly to trap him
    • Or just satisfy their curiosity
  • But Christ discourages this attitude of theirs
    • He asks them to raise the bar of their faith
    • The only sign they would have
    • Will be his Death and Resurrection
    • Something which prefigured in Jonah
    • And they who claimed to know scripture
    • And understand it
    • Will now have to see and believe.