Jesus Instructs On How To Pray

Jesus Instructs On How To Pray

Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday

Of The Eleventh Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 6:7-15

Your Father knows what you need before you ask him.
Jesus is encouraging us to build a deeper relationship with our Father, Jesus is teaching his disciples to address God as their Father, they had never heard or known about it prior to this teaching, God was always distant, but this opportunity to call God our Father as Jesus himself did,
Today we are taught right from our childhood and are aware to address God as our Father, but we fail to live by this understanding which gives us the identity of sons and daughters of our Father. Prayer to him talk to him as our Father, even if he knows our needs before we ask him, lets build back this lost relationship. Let us believe by addressing him as our Father. This it self has all the grace and power of all that follows. Holy Spirit help us in our prayer, help us to come to a deeper understanding of The Lords prayer Our Father.

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