Love Like Your Heavenly Father


Matthew 5:43-48


  • Lets look at some logic
    • When do we have enemies?
    • When we consider some to be opposing us or against us
    • Or when we don’t like or are against someone.
  • Imagine yourself to be the King of the World
    • With the best soldiers and guards
    • Would you even give a thought to people who had anything against you.
    • Or would you even care to hold anything against them.
    • No, because you have no need to fear or be insecure about anything
  • This in fact this is real in some way
    • We are the children of the Great Ruler God of this World
    • Need we bother to hold grudges or fear anyone
    • No, because we are secure and are taken care of by the Great King, Our Father
  • There is only reason to be scared
    • When we like the prodigal son, run away from our father
    • Away from his love, protection and provision
    • Then we have rejected God and told him
    • We can take care of ourselves
    • Then we are responsible for our own safety
    • Then is when we start to fear or we want to secure ourselves by threatening others.
    • Doing all this takes a toll on our physical and mental self
    • Because maintain self security is ongoing and difficult
    • It is a 24×7 task
  • Imagine yourself with a huge bag on your back
    • You are bent over and strained
  • Now imagine yourself without that baggage on your back
    • You stand straight and tall
    • And have no responsibility towards anything
  • This is what Jesus is telling us
    • Forgive
    • And do this favour not for your neighbour
    • But for your own wellbeing.