Coming Persecutions


Matthew 10:16-26


The success of a defence mission depends among other factors on detailed planning, preparedness of the team, good leadership, information database, collective knowledge and intelligence of the team and timing of the mission or project.  We see all this in today’s gospel passage. Jesus has now chosen his close team of apostles and is preparing them to go and spread the Word of God to other nations. The team is a combination of men from different walks of life, armed with a variety of skill sets. 

He doesn’t paint a rosy picture, instead paints all the painful and hard situations that they will come across as they start on their mission; detailed instructions on how to respond to the challenges they face, and how to endure the hardships and rise after every fall. Wearing the Armour of deep trust and faith in the Lord, the apostles are sent into the world to preach the Word of God.  

The beauty of the passage is that inspite of all the problems, Jesus still gives them a new hope, a hope to look beyond and reach out to more, he also assures them, that they will be saved.

An assurance from our Lord itself! What more would we want! We reflect on the mission entrusted to us by our Lord. Each of us has a purpose. We ask the Lord to guide us and give us his grace and wisdom to move us towards the goal set for us.

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  1. Excellent reflection,Silveria.May all who read it benefit by deepening their relationship with God and their fellowmen.

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