The Mission of the Twelve Apostles


Matthew 10:7-15


Jesus sends his apostles to proclaim the Good News specifically to the inner circle, i.e. the house of Israel. The giver and the receiver in this moment, both are tested. The giver/ apostle is tested as he is given a mission to preach; The kingdom of God. The apostle would require to be totally dependent on Gods Providence and he was required to be ready for rejection with no questions asked. The giver/ Israel, is tested by how receptive it was to the message;  ‘The Kingdom of God is at hand’, as they knew what it referred too. They were precisely waiting for such a message, which would herald the reign of God’s Messiah. Within this, would the individual Jew give appropriate response to the message the Apostles carried to him; i.e. welcome the messenger, or reject the message because of the messenger and who was identified as the Messiah. Thus accordingly the Israelite and would have to face the resultant consequences.

Today we are standing at both ends, i.e. as receivers and givers. How do we assess the opportunities given to us, are we giving freely the abundance we have received from God. Today we are called and we are blessed (anointed) to offer service freely from both ends as givers and as receivers; are we still anxious about gold, silver, money, baggage or do we bear witness to God’s divine providence. Holy Spirit Help us in our journey to proclaim the Word of God, through our life and words.

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