A Tree and Its Fruit

A Tree and Its Fruit

Matthew 15-20


There are 3 mentions besides this, which I can recollect about trees in the Gospels

  1. The Mustard Tree
  2. The Fig Tree
  3.  The Parable of the Owner and the Gardener

The message of the Mustard Tree parable is that we are all invited to trust in God, first in little ways, which results us in we trusting God in bigger ways. Here we become a blessing, because God completes in us his promise to Abraham that the all the inhabitants of the world will be blessed in and through Abraham and his descendants (Gen 12:1-3). The Fig Tree, which Jesus cursed, was a representation of Israel, who had rejected that the world, as being also dear and important to God. Thus, what they were actually saying was that they did not want to be identified as Abraham’s Children, who were required to be a blessing to the Nations (again refer to Gen 12:1-3). The third parable, is the about how Israel condemned itself. Israel unlike the Mustard Tree, preferred to look inward to itself and be selfish, and so it cut all possibility of bearing fruit. Hence it is withdrawn from service for the harvest.

Again this parable is also a pearl of Christ’s wisdom. How to know and discern what is of God and not of God. Check the fruits of the situation, person and the actions happening around you. If they result in Good all around, yes that is good and proper, else it is not from God. But do not evaluate superficially. Is the Peace of Christ’s presence present, though the situation, person or actions are not to your liking, yet they hold on to God’s Truth and morals, then it is Good. Many a times good and nice people take decisions, knowingly, unknowingly, based on unrecognised bias, and these decisions may look good, but there is no Peace of Christ present, and maybe what is being promoted is completely opposite to what the Bible Teaches about God, then these can only mean bad fruit.

Pray daily to the Holy Spirit, that he blesses you to notice Jesus’ peace in your life and in the things around, in people and in the situations around you, so that you may understand God’s Guidance for you.

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