Solemnity of The Birth of John the Baptist


Luke 1:57-66, 80


God had already named the child, John. The birth story of John the Baptist is an act of Gods Grace, an occasion of great rejoicing, hope, and an indication of Messianic Joy. In todays reading we see words like great mercy, all marvelled, rejoiced, blessing, Gods fear, hand of the Lord, holding the event and inviting us into the celebration of God’s Mercy amidst human ways. People had gather for John’s naming ceremony, and it turned out to be spectacular event, where those gathered for the ceremony witnessed Zechariah’s speech return, as he surrendered to God’s will for his families life. The people were all filled with awesome reverence to God and his work, making them reflect on the deeper meaning of the event.

God is all Merciful, He can turn all our sorrows into Joy. Let us also surrender to God’s plans for our lives and those of our family. Lets not doubt his his mercy, nor doubts his promises. The Holy Spirit helps us grow in maturity, and fills us with the gift of love/fear of the Lord/ Reverence to Our Lord..

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