Zealousness for the Kingdom


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday Of The Second Week In Ordinary Time

(Christian Unity Week)

Mark 3:20-21

Jesus begins his ministry by preaching, teaching and healing. He began his work from Galilee (land of gentile) and completed at Jerusalem ( Center of the world). Jesus choose 12 disciples to be with him and send them out to reach outcast and downtrodden people and gave them authority to cast out demons. People from different part of the region started following Jesus and his disciples thus Jesus and his disciples was fully occupied and do not have time to take care of their own self. Jesus family came to know about it and decided to take him to home as rumours spread among people that “He is out of mind” Let’s reflects on word “Out of mind”

Jesus focus was on destroying soul and he want them to be redeemed and take part in God’s kingdom. To achieve the goal Jesus and his disciples worked  restlessly. In other words his focus was on sick, lame and blind people who indeed need a physician to heal them. Every master like to keep an excellent and well talents person with him and love to train them and spent almost hour and energy to bring them up and least bother about average and below average person. Similarly, in Jesus time master, scribes and pharisees were least bother about destroying soul and kept them as sinner and outcast people but Jesus was very concern about destroying soul and started working for them to give a new life. The affected people understood Jesus way of teaching and healing in heart and mind and started following to remain with him and for others it is just like he is speaking and moving around out of mind including his own family and relatives. Jesus focus was not distracted he knows he is hungry for spiritual food (searching of soul) rather than fleshly food (to fill his stomach) and continued to work without any break.

At present situation we too are living in the world where so many souls are getting destroyed and moving towards hell or living hell state of life. Jesus require our hands to save them. Are we ready to stretch out hands to save souls from destruction to construction

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