Wise Men Come Searching and Adore The Lord Jesus


Click to Read Matthew 2:1–12

  • Epiphany is the feast during the CHRISTMAS season
    • It celebrates the ADORATION of the new born Christ child by the magi.
    • Epiphany celebrates the manifestation of JESUS as Saviour of the world.
    • In a more general sense, an epiphany is any manifestation of God’s presence.
  • Lets also remember here the Parable of the Great Banquet
    • Not only Friends and family are invited
    • But also everyone
    • But one needs to come to the Banquet with readiness
    • Dressed for the occasion
    • Else will be rejected.
  • This occasion of the visit of the Magi, is being narrated by Matthew
    • Telling us of God’s visitation among his people.
    • God’s people are not only the Jews
    • But all mankind
  • Irrespective of who we are
    • We need to prepare ourselves and come to visit Our King.
    • Acknowledging the Rightful Lord of all.
  • The Magi brought gifts worthy of a king, to present to the King of Kings.
    • We cannot approach him ended handed.
    • Even the drummer boy offered his talents to him
    • What should we present the King?