Simeon and Anna Encounter The Babe – Jesus


Click to Read LUKE 2:21–40

  • The picture Luke is drawing in Chapters 1 & 2 is of Jesus as the true world ruler:
    • the Lord, the Messiah, the saviour,
    • the real king of the world instead of Caesar.
  • The People are awaiting the Messiah,
    • But are picturing him as glowing, in royal colours,
    • One who looks to conquer and bring glory to Israel,
    • world dominion, power and majesty.
  • But Luke does the opposite.
    • He chooses sombre colours;
    • and the more he fills in the picture the more we realize
    • that Jesus’ Kingdom is different to that of Caesar Augustus.
  • It is indeed the Messiah God had promised;
    • But Luke wishes to forewarn that he doesn’t look like what people were expecting.
  • Within this different picture to what the people expect
    • People will always fail to recognise the true nature of the baby Jesus in the Temple.
    • Yet what fascinates me in this story is that
    • Simeon and Anna recognise who Jesus is.
    • The question we need to ask is why/how?
    • And why did the High priests, priests and scribes fail…
    • The answer is there in the text…
    • They waited on the Lord and seeked him with all their being…
    • And like the 3 Divine beings who visiting Abraham… (Gen 18:1-21)
    • God could not bypass Simeon and Anna, just like he could not bypass Abraham.
    • God does not hide anything from his friends.
  • Let us look at what type of a Saviour and Messiah we are looking out for.
    • Is this clouding our understanding of God’s heart and truth?
    • Do we desire God as Friend or as a master…
    • Lets seek God with all our heart, mind and desire…
    • Like Abraham, Simeon and Anna.