Whom to Fear

Whom to Fear


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
In The Fourteenth Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 10: 24-33

Today’s gospel passage is a continuation of sending disciples for mission. Jesus choose 12 men to be with him, after that he choose 72 disciples and send them in pairs to different village to prepare the people for Gods kingdom. While sending these 72 disciples he gave instruction to them not to carry bags, money but only tunic and sandals, thus they solely depends on gods provident. Jesus encouraged his disciple to proclaim the good news without any fear. He gave power to preach and heal wherever they go thus they gathered huge harvest.

Challenges in the mission :  Official higher authority questioned Jesus about his teaching and healing. Many times they counter questioned Jesus and tried to catch fault in it. Whenever Jesus healed any demons possessed person he was in accusation of delivering demon with the power of demon. When Jesus boldly revealed the truth in the synagogue of Isaiah prophecy Luke 4:21 “Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing” he faced furious resistance from high priest, but Jesus keep on moving to one place to another to proclaim the good news.

Counselling in the mission :  Jesus was fully aware of the challenges in the mission he entrusted to his disciples. He counselled his disciples do not to fear to reveal the truth learnt from him. Jesus encouraged them not to fear anybody who is capable to kill only the physical body and have no power over soul. Do not fear or fear not word written thrice in the passage which emphasis that not to fear about anything in the mission instead focus on their goal to achieve it and fulfil gods will

In the bible do not fear word appears 365 times which means throughout the year or each day Jesus reminding us not to fear about anybody or anything in our life. Yes friends whatever your situation may be let remove your doubts, fear from your heart and fill your heart with promise word of Jesus and live your life happily in the world.

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my (Jesus) words will not pass away

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