Whom to Fear

Whom to Fear

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday

Of The Fourteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 10:24-33

 “Many are called but few are chosen”  Jesus had many disciples but few are chosen as apostles and  sent for mission. Jesus is very much aware that his apostles going to face rejection from the society for the sake of proclaiming God’s kingdom. So, he is providing training to his apostles and encourage them to fear God alone,  who is eligible to kill body and soul.

When Jesus started his ministry in his own home town Nazareth his own people rejected him and not ready to accept his words and deeds thus Jesus moved from his home town to another village without any hesitation. Jesus accepted the humiliation and rejection and continued the mission. Jesus wanted his disciples to be like him in all circumstances and courageously focus on mission alone and bear fruits for him, as result of his training all his apostles were focused on mission and died as martyr for the sake of Christ.

In God’s work if you are facing rejection and persecution then that is a sign that you are not called but chosen by Jesus for his special work/mission. Do not fear or ashamed to continue the work. Like Jesus move from one place to another place and continue your good work. Lord Jesus will be with you and make you like him.

Let’s ask the holy spirit to give us courage to accept the rejection and humiliation patiently to continue the mission given to us.

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