Two Foundations The Fruit Reveals The Truth

Two Foundations The Fruit Reveals The Truth


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday In The Twenty-Third Week Of Ordinary Time


Luke 6: 43-49

Today’s gospel passage is part of Jesus sermon. As per Matthew Gospel, Jesus sermon was on mount,  addressed to Jew people. He revealed himself as new Moses to Jews community. As per Luke Gospel Jesus sermon was on plain valley addressed to common people and revealed himself as the Saviour (Messiah). This passage divided in to 2 part and addressed to 2 set of people through parable.

Trees and its fruits : To bear good fruits a farmer or gardener do the sapling in fertile soil and pour water on time. He keep monitoring the growth of the plant, as and when require he spurn the plant to bear good fruits. Like a farmer or gardener we too monitor  our words and deeds. Human heart is source for all evil and good. It is a treasure bag for human beings. If our heart filled with joy, happiness, peace, love, understanding, wisdom and knowledge then our thoughts, words and deeds are always beneficial for our own selves and others. If our heart filled with envy, hatred, jealous,  etc. then our thoughts and deeds are always damage to own selves and others. By one deeds and life style we can judge a persons treasure bag and his investment, thus in the gospel passage Jesus quoted “  The good man out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil man out of his evil treasure produces evil”. Let’s reflect on our own selves and life and find where am I invested? am I beneficial for own self and others?

Foundation on Rock and Soil : In imagery form Jesus teach a valuable lesson to each one of us, here house represent  own life, rock represents Jesus, soil represents own thought, flood represents trials and tribulation. If we lay our foundation on rock then our house shall remain as it is in all the circumstance as we claim and lean on promises of Jesus and nothing bothering us. If we lay our foundation on soil then our house shall destroy as soon as we come across multiple problems in different situation. our own thought shake us and damage will be severe to the house.  One faith can be seen or visible at the time of testing or trial. St. James 2:26 …faith without work is also dead. “ Let’s reflect our own self how is my faith dead or alive at the time of trial.? am I standing firm on my faith or despair?

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