Mary and the Disciple At the Cross

Mary and the Disciple At the Cross


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
In The Twenty-Third Week Of Ordinary Time


John 19: 25-27

In today’s gospel the hour of Jesus has come when he will be lifted up on the cross. His Mother Mary and his beloved disciple John are at the foot of the cross. Jesus reveals the new spiritual relationship of mother and son. In entrusting the care of his Mother to the beloved disciple and entrusting the disciple to his Mother, Jesus established Mary as the Mother of the Church and, therefore, the spiritual Mother of every Christian believer; the disciple ‘whom Jesus loved’ is often said to represent the entire body of the Church. 

The beloved disciple, John is not just an individual disciple he is portrayed by the evangelist as an icon of every disciple whom Jesus loves. In this sense, Mary is given to all beloved disciples of Jesus, just as every disciple is given to the maternal care of Mary.

Jesus tells his mother ‘Behold your son’. He tells the disciple John ‘Behold your mother’. The word Behold means, Jesus is saying ‘Look, see, perceive & understand. Look whom I have given.

Let us be united with Mother Mary because she leads us to Jesus. She is the surest way to heaven. She intercedes for each one of us.

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