True Greatness


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
Of The Twenty-Sixth Week In Ordinary Time


Matthew 18:1-5

There are 5 long discourses/teachings/sermons of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. Today’s gospel passage is part of Jesus’ sermon 4th sermon. This sermon focused on the congregation. In the beginning of the sermon itself disciples approached Jesus and asked him a question who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven and Jesus politely replied to them, that to enter the gate of heaven or become greatest in the heaven one has to become like child. 

In the secular world when there is great function or celebration or celebrity weddings held in highly esteemed places, then few chosen or eligible and high status people are allowed to enter the gates to participate in the function. There is some criteria like being rich and famous in society, successful in life, highly honoured by central or state government and so on. Such people when identified are allowed to enter the gate and enjoy the feast or celebration. Similarly, to enter the Kingdom of God one has to become like child because when we come into this world from heaven we come with the purity and innocence of a child, so when we return back to our original home (heaven), we again are required to be like child. Now the question that rises in our mind is how can we become like child? Here Jesus is not asking us to become like child in physical appearance, instead our heart and mind should be like that of a child, innocent and sincere.

A childlike heart and mind is pure and kind. A childlike heart and mind is always clear and there is no race or competition. A childlike heart and mind is full of love and affection. A childlike heart longs for appreciation from his/her parents. A childlike heart and mind focuses on goals and works towards them and achieves the goal and brings joy to his/her family. Yes, friends if we work on our life, surely one day we will all meet in our heavenly home and enjoy the heavenly father loves eternally.

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