True Blessedness

True Blessedness

Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday
Of The Twenty-Seventh Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 11:27-28

Through Jesus teaching, preaching and healing huge crowd were attracted towards him. Wherever Jesus go a huge crowd followed him. Few people were followed and become his disciples thus Jesus had men and women disciples. Few people become his apostle and proclaimed the good news. People received various blessing through Jesus hence people praised him. Today’s passage is one of the such instance wherein the woman from the crowd was amazed with Jesus preaching and praised Jesus and his mother. Jesus immediately replied to her one who keep the word of God is truly blessed among all, thus indirectly Jesus too praised his mother, as Mary accepted the word (Annunciation ) from Angel Gabriel and kept within her and nurtured the word (Jesus). Her heart over flowed with love and compassion towards the whole world. She sacrificed her only livelihood for welfare of the world and brought the salvation to the world. God too pleased with Mary and crown her as queen of heaven and earth.

The word Blessed is not limited to few or chosen people instead its a vocation to all to live blessed life. Like Mary, when we keep the word (Promise of God) in the womb of our heart and hold it and do the meditation it will grow and started bearing fruits. Mt 12:34 “out of the abudance of heart the mouth speaks” as per this verse once our heart filled with good things and flourished with word of God then whatever we do we can see or achieve success in our life. Even though we face challenges or failure in our life our heart remain stable and hold on word of God thus we become blessed and blessing for all.

“Growing in word of God make us radiant in the world”  let us imitate Mary our mother and remain blessed throughout our life time.

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