The Yoke of Jesus


Matthew 11:28-30


Do we work individually or do we partner with God in all that we do? Are we weary working for ourselves and by ourselves, or relaxed in working for Him?

In today’s reading of three verses, Jesus invites us to work with Him (yoke), so that we gain his experience and perspective, develop a Relationship with him, in the midst of oppression and injustice happening all around us. But this labouring is part of his master plan, i.e. that we understand at the most intimate level, that our hearts become like that of the Good Samaritan, not in the sense of who is my neighbour, but in the sense that (the message hitting home) all our my brothers and sisters, and as such, no one must be left behind. That is the meaning we can take from Jesus’ words, where he refers to himself as gentle and lowly in heart. In opening our heats to God, let us invite the Holy Spirit to come and be our guide, so we learn and  understand the joy and rest of Jesus being with us and in us. Come Holy Spirit help me to accept and move ahead with yoke of Jesus.

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