Jesus Thanks His Father


Matthew 11:25-27


In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is shown preaching an Upside-Down Gospel, i.e. the world sees Jesus’ message as being opposite to what the world values, and to the casual reader, Jesus’ message is strange, possibly of a mad man, and down right controversial. To be first be last, to receive give, to live die etc. But to the person who will take time out and analyse Jesus’ words, he will see the Truth that is in his words. He will see that Jesus is dealing with reality not with convention nor comfort. Jesus words are plain and simple, with reference to the truth. The one who comes with a suspicious and biased mind, that person will not understand the message and will be blind to understand it. We see this time and again in the Gospels, where the simple and earnest persons recognising Jesus, yet those who hold position and power fail to recognise Jesus.

The Apostles and Disciples of Jesus were mostly common folk, they recognised Jesus as a Prophet, so they checked him more, and came to believe that he was the Son of God. Jesus is thankful for these. He is grateful, and he is expressive of this situation.

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