The Yeast of the Pharisees


To Read Click Mark 7:14-23


  • In Mark 8:14f Jesus will warn his disciples of the Yeast of the Pharisees.
    • This is it
    • i.e. yesterday’s reading where Jesus pointed to the double standards of the Pharisees
    • They claimed to fulfil the law by keeping to its demands only technically.
    • Not what God really wanted.
    • They granted divorce, where in Genesis God speaks of the sacredness of Marriage
    • They claimed to fulfil the law, with taking advantages of loopholes to get out of it.
    • They were not fully committed to God
    • They were riding with their feet in two different boats.
    • They were negating the Shema
      • e. the command to love God fully
      • with ones heart mind and soul
  • What Jesus is showing them here is to critically think
    • Not get carried away with what is taught
    • To search scripture
    • And discover the truth for self.
  • If what comes from the heart is what defiles
    • What then does make us whole?
      • God
      • And us engaging him with
      • All our heart, mind and soul.
      • The Jews called this the Great Shema
    • Let us then study the word of God
    • Sit at his feet
    • Live how he challenges us to live.
    • And be transformed.