The Tradition of the Elders


To Read Click Mark 7:1-13


  • God is Good
    • and he advocates, good peaceful and loving relationships
    • with himself and those around us
    • He desires nothing beyond this.
  • The centrality of faith was what the Pharisees and Scribes had forgotten.
    • What they were inquiring of Jesus, was correct and good
    • But this good was for itself, without understanding how it benefitted them.
  • Jesus is not addressing this issue here.
    • He draws their attention to their own blind way of relating to the Law.
    • The Law explicitly said, Honour Your Father and Mother
    • Yet they had the gumption to try to get around it.
    • By this they were showing where their treasure was.
    • In God and his commandments or in earthly wealth, power and control
  • What draws us closer to God is not really our ritualistic actions
    • But our strong desire to be in a relationship with God.
    • For If God is our Treasure
    • We will do all efforts to buy this Pearl of Great Price