The Wedding at Cana


To Read Click John 2:1-11


  • This reading is in commemoration of the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, which we celebrate today.
  • The reading proper for the day is the awesome and inspiring faith of the Syrophoenician Woman.
  • Even Mary’s faith is exemplary
  • It is she who helps Jesus understand that moment when he should start his ministry
  • At the occasion is apt
  • Because the wedding setting is what God has planned to rescue humanity.
  • Marriage is highly emphasised by placing it in the Creation Narrative.
  • And there is new creation happening in this section of John’s Gospel
    • This marriage is set in the framework of Seven Days
    • And the Marriage is on the seventh day
    • There is the Second Adam – Jesus
    • And the Second Eve – Mary
    • The First Eve lead The First Adam to the Apple
    • The Second Eve helps the Second Adam to understand Now of his Calling
    • And she will support Him right to the Cross.
  • Indeed Mary is a person of great faith
    • I myself have encountered her in my life
    • And she lead me to discovering her Son.
  • That is Mary for you
    • The path and sign she is
    • To guide one and all
    • To an encounter with Jesus.