The World’s Hatred

The World’s Hatred


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday

In The Fifth Week Of Easter

John 15:18-21

In today’s Gospel passage Jesus talks about hatred from world. Jesus is teaching his disciples to prepare and accept the positive and negative feedback from the community and encourage them to stand for truth. Whenever we speak about truth definitely there is an opposition from the society until people understand the truth. Jesus teaching is powerful to heal a sick, redeem a sinner, untie all kind of bondage, console the lonely, give peace to hardened heart and give new life  to human beings. One who teach Word of God should be very careful and there should not be any flexibility or convincing teaching as per situation demand instead preacher or teacher should always stand firm for truth. 

  As a human being we expects appreciation or reward for our good deeds or teaching. Appreciation boast up a person and motivate him/her to do more towards their role. We learnt from the world how to react on appreciation and hatred, thus many people when they received hatred from others follow the worldly footsteps and give up their role and refuse to continue their role as it is. 

 Jesus teaching us whenever you stand for truth and received hatred then do not worried about it instead happy about it and continue your work because Jesus is truth and you are working for him. He is always with you and strengthen you to carry the work entrusted to you. “A servant is not greater than his master “ The world persecuted and rejected the master of the world if you are the follower of Jesus then definitely the world rejects you, so be happy you are partaking in Jesus suffering.

Learning from tree : 

Friends, did you noticed one thing in your life, during vacations when we go to native in our garden we never plant a tree but definitely we throw stone on the tree stand with fruits and taste the fruits. The tree received the stone never react and stop bears fruits instead it feel happy to serve or fulfill our desire. Similarly, people never do anything for the welfare of the society or save soul from destruction to construction but throw hatred (stone) on one who does so. When you receive hatred like tree be glad that you are bearing fruits that’s why people throwing hatred on you. Lord who planted you in his garden shall give great reward for your deeds in heaven.

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