Jesus Prays For Everyone


Reflection on the Gospel

of the Sixth Sunday of Easter

John 17:20-26

Sincere prayer is a reflection of the heart’s desires. We pray for ourselves, loved ones, friends, people that our part of our lives and situations that affect us. In today’s gospel we witness the deep intimacy that Jesus shares with the heavenly Father and the immense desires of his loving heart. It’s so amazing to read Jesus’ heartfelt prayer. He prays in love for everyone, the disciples, the followers and the people of the world across generations of time. It is such an intimate and sincere prayer that unites all believers in the love of the Holy Trinity.
Connecting our soul to the Holy Trinity is possible through sincere prayer that will help us grow in love, deepen our relationship with God, strengthen our spirit and bring health to our physical bodies. We truly can be children of God that will build the kingdom of God through prayer.

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