The Words of Eternal Life

The Words of Eternal Life


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday In The Third Week Of Easter


John 6: 60-69

“… the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and life.”

These words of Jesus need to be placed in context of all that He was saying in John 6 – I am the bread of life – this is fully realised/expressed in the Eucharist.

As reflected upon previously in this week, Jesus is saying that He is our sustainer, and without Him in us we are spiritually dead. This is that death the God had warned Adam about, and as a result humanity could not remain in God’s presence. Now Jesus is remedying this reality. He is saying come and covenant with me, get into a relationship with me, and as I begin to remain in you (and as also you make the choice to hold on to me), I, Jesus will fill you with the life of God.

In today’s Gospel Jesus is providing us the remedy of everything in us that doubts His claim to be the Bread of Life. He says, precisely to drive away your doubt I have come and become human. And as human I proclaim to you the reality of God’s Truth. Study this Truth that I have spoken, reflect on it and you will find the convictions to gift your life to me. And this Truth is made available to us in the Word of God – The Bible, and also at the Eucharist. The Eucharist fulfils this two fold need of Presenting Jesus the Word-the Bread come from Heaven and also Jesus’ words in the Gospels, so that we may believe

Take the time to make Bible reading and reflection a part of your life, not to know about Jesus, but because you want to be in a relationship with Him. This is important, for when you have this attitude, then you start to pickup clues to God’s Heart and His humility. There will be things you will not understand, or make sense, like in today’s Gospel even Jesus’ disciples found it difficult to understand and digest what Jesus was presenting before them – eat his body and drink his blood. Do not worry about such things, they are hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Take these to Jesus, ask His Help to understand them… Jesus will reveal Himself…

Come Holy Spirit increase in us a thirst to read the Bible and to discover your love in it, which awaits us. Reveal to us God’s Self.

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