The Word Became Flesh


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday In The Fourth Week Of Advent

John 1:1-18

In the beginning when God created the heaven and earth, the earth was formless, void and darkness covered the surface of the earth. God brought light and life to the earth through his word. Later this word became flesh and dwelt among human race to redeem the people from darkness and give eternal life. St. Augustine says “God became man so, that man might become divine”. In the gospel John the baptist bearing witness to the word and gave hope to the people who were living in darkness and lost their hope. John the author of the gospel portray word as life, light, food and truth thus word life occurs 34 times and light occurs 21 times in the gospel. He shows the strong relationship between God the father and son and relationship between Jesus and disciples.

To have abundance life laws was given through Moses but grace and truth given through Jesus Christ. One who believe in Jesus Christ shall have eternal life and get privilege to become children of God. Through sacraments of Baptism we all become children of God and our duty to bear witness to word, i.e. Jesus Christ. At the present situation people around us are living in fearful situation and worried about their future and feel living in darkness as candle light diminish the darkness in the room let’s our light brings hope to the hopeless situation in the society. May in this Christmas with the help of holy spirit let’s share our light ie Jesus Christ to people and bear witness like John the Baptist

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