Jesus Appears to His Disciples


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday

Within Easter Octave

Luke 24:35-48

Jesus Appears to His Disciples – He is the fulfillment of the OT; The Law the Prophets, The Psalms, by his Passion, Death and Resurrection He has gained the Victory and established again in us the everlasting life we were first blessed with at the time of Creation. We are called to witnesses to the World; when we discuss and share his word, Jesus himself bestows his Peace and presence among us. But are we ready to share his word, to be witnesses to the world and to proclaim repentance and forgiveness. One good opportunity to prepare and be ready to bear witness and proclaim the Lord is the Eucharist. When we are celebrating the Eucharist we meet the Crucified and Risen Lord just as these disciples met Him. Our understanding is broadened, doubts cleared and a Joy fills our body and mind. We attain the strength and courage to go out into the World to proclaim the Good News. Holy Spirit Help us to share your word to everyone around us.

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