The True Kindred of Jesus


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday Of The Fifteenth Week In Ordinary Time(Memorial: Our Lady of mount Carmel)

Matthew 12:46-50

Jesus was fully engaged with ministry and ceaselessly moving from one place to another place to proclaim God’s kingdom. Many people were blessed with the coming of Jesus. Jesus and his disciples were busy in preaching and healing the people. Jesus’ family members tried to reach him and take him back home so he could rest for a while, but Jesus refused to go back to home. Jesus raised a question to the crowd and the messengers, informing them the one who does the will of our heavenly Father, is my father, mother, brothers and sisters. 

Here Jesus is indirectly honouring his own mother as his mother was fully committed and surrendered to the will of God. Mother Mary cautiously took every step to follow Jesus’ life from the beginning of His ministry, to hand over the ministry to disciples. Jesus returned to heaven after his mission was accomplished. Mary was with Jesus disciples and encourage them to remain in Jerusalem and to continue his mission. Mary, when her husband Joseph passed away, as a single parent brought up Jesus similarly,  when people praising and mocking Jesus and finally crucified him she politely moved ahead and co-operated in Gods will.

To reward Marys obedience to God’s will, our heavenly Father crowned her queen of heaven and earth. Yes, friends obedience to God’s will is a best mission than doing any good deed in the earth. To become a true relative of Jesus and be one in Jesus’ family, let’s give up our own desires, plans, thought and fulfil our heavenly Father wills.

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