The True Kindred of Jesus

The True Kindred of Jesus


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
Of The Thirty-Fourth Week In Ordinary Time

(Memorial: Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary)


Matthew 12:46-50

This passage is often misinterpreted by the other sects, but Jesus’s message was clear and loud that all those who do the will of his Father that is God the Almighty would be related to Jesus as his brother, sister, mother.  This did not mean that Jesus did not regard his mother and his cousins who came to see him less.   He gave her the utmost respect for being who she is.  Secondly, Jesus wanted to give an example to his disciples that his mission given by his Father was the first priority and since he was busy teaching when his family came over, he did think it right to leave the crowds and go and meet them.

Just imagine a soldier is at war and if he is told that his family member is waiting to meet him, will he leave the battlefield and walk out.  Even if our family or friends come to meet us in office, do we walk out immediately, especially if we are in a meeting and more so if we are presenting.

Jesus’ mission was to change the way that the world was walking on, starting with the chosen ones, the Jews.  He had to teach as many the right way of living, values, and train and empower his disciples to continue his work after Jesus leaves the earth physically.

Are we not called to be the disciples of Jesus and do we not have a purpose to give a helping hand in building the church.  Let us reflect and see if we are giving too much importance to our family and kids that we forget the purpose of our life and give second priority.  Each one of us is chosen for a different task and accordingly we have been given talents.   We pray to Jesus to help us find our mission in life so that we can do at least something that would make him feel proud of us.

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