Christ The King And Lord Over All


Reflection on the Gospel of the Sunday of


Luke 23:35-43

Today is the Solemnity of Christ the King, a fitting homage we give to Jesus as we end the church’s liturgical calendar.

The Kingship of Jesus is a paradox for the majority of us because how could He be King when He savagely died on the cross? How could He be King when He doesn’t even have a kingdom nor armed soldiers to protect Him?  How could He be king when He served instead of Him being served? How could He be king when He was jeered, punished and then killed on the cross?

Such is the paradox of the kingship of Jesus; if we look at it superficially it’s really not our idea of true kingship. But Jesus wants to open our eyes to His own brand of true kingship; the kingship that the kings and leaders of this world avoid.

Jesus wants us to realize that it is in our exercise of humility and service that we align ourselves with His kingship.

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