The Teacher

The Teacher


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
In The Seventeeth Week Of Ordinary Time


Matthew 13: 47-53

The peak/highlight of St. Matthew’s Gospel is Chapter 13. Here he has explained the King and the Kingdom completely. If you understand this chapter, you understand the message of Matthew’s Gospel.

One of the themes that Matthew is stressing on is Moses of old who gave the Law/the Pentateuch. Yet Matthew is saying Jesus is not Moses reincarnated, but someone new, someone Moses prophesied would one day come, the New Moses. He is the New Teacher par excellence who teaches with the truth; the truth that Moses inaugurated with the Law, but at the same time, with New Truths, truths that Israel had failed to realise, because it failed to live in relationship with God.

The Newness that Jesus preaches,

  • The Sower-Seed-Soil: everyone has an opportunity to get into a relationship with God.
  • The use of parables: so that people may fully understand God, even the simple folk.
  • The parable of the weed and wheat: There is no judgement on anyone, but equal opportunity to come closer to God.
  • The parables explaining the flourishing of God’s Kingdom – Mustard Seed Faith and the Yeast.
  • Since the Kingdom is here and now, how will you accept it in your life – Hidden Treasure, The Priceless Pearl, Fish Net gathering Fish.

Sadly, there is the response of those in Nazareth recorded at the end of the chapter, they rejected their Messiah.

I invite you today to sit at Jesus’ feet and learn from Him. His yoke is Love. His Kingdom is His Presence/Peace.

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