The Service of the Scribes Vs. The Widow’s Offering

The Service of the Scribes Vs. The Widow’s Offering


Mark 12:38-44


Throughout Jesus public ministry Pharisees , Sadducees, Scribes, the Chief Priest and elders of synagogue opposed him and tried to find out faults in his teaching. Jesus’ ministry was to reveal the truth and explain the essence of the Commandments given by God the Father. Jesus was fully focused towards this in his ministry, hence he was not trapped by his opponent. Jesus in today’s gospel invites disciples to beware of the Scribes and to be cautions while doing his ministry. Let’s us reflects on word “Beware of the scribes”

During Jesus’ time Scribes were famous teachers in the Jewish Community. People honoured them at public place and invited them to sit at first place at feasts and in synagogues. Scribes instead of focusing on living their teaching and making all aware of truth,  focused on their own self  and formed groupism among people. The innocent and poor people followed the teaching of scribes and become slave to what they taught. Scribes trained their disciples to follow this duality of teaching and living in the community. On the other hand, Jesus instructed his disciples to focus on teaching the truth and living the same, like himself. Jesus also asked his Disciples to be prudent and be wise as serpent and innocent as dove. Meaning not to be a fool and be aware of all things around them, yet live life being confident in God and with a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood to all those around them, Just like the Widow in todays passage. As the disciples were full time with Jesus, they also learned how to overcome trails and obstacles brought across their life’s journey. Jesus trained and prepared them well in advance to face trails and challenges from their opponent in their future, which later would go to help the disciple in their ministry. After the Pentecost experience, the Disciples went about courageously, moving around the world proclaiming the gospel to all human kind.

In today’s world Jesus is expecting few quality from those he calls

  1. Be humble and obedient to God
  2. Be wise as serpent and innocent as dove
  3. Be faithful and committed to our call
  4. Be stand firm on teaching truth
  5. Be an angel to needy and poor people

Matthew 10:24  “A disciple is not above the teacher, nor a slave above the master”

Are we going to follow the advise of Jesus in our life.

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