The Question about David’s Son


Mark 12:35-37


Traditions, practices, stories are used to pass down learnings and wisdom from one generation to the other. This was a popular practice even in Jesus ‘ time, in fact, most teachings were  oral.  Even Jesus preached and  broke the Word of God to his followers in simple terms so that they could absorb and understand the  Word of God.

In this episode in the gospel according to Mark, he challenges his listeners to understand the scriptures better and also the meaning of the Davidic Sonship of the Messiah.  Even David addressed him as Lord, showing that  while the Messiah was David’s son through his earthly existence, he was  Lord through his divine sonship , through his resurrection and exaltation .

The last sentence mentions that the crowd who was listening to Jesus was glad – glad to  learn something new and realise the meaning, discover the Lord!

Do we also feel happy when we reflect on the Word of God? Do we listen to him and enjoy his company? Let’s pause and listen to him!