The Rewards of Being Jesus’ Disciples

The Rewards of Being Jesus’ Disciples


Reflection on the Gospel of the Tuesday

Of The Eight Week In Ordinary Time

Mark 10:28-31

This is a poignant question that Peter ask’s Jesus, “Is it worth us, to follow Jesus?” What do you say?

On the surface we remember about Jesus promising eternal life, a place in heaven etc…, but here in this passage He is saying, we will receive the reward in this life, returns for investing ourselves in Jesus. He is telling us, like Abraham, to leave, family, friends and the security of his birth place (Gen 12:1-3). He was promised a never ending and great lineage (descendants), a land, and the grace to become a blessing for others. The blessing part is completed in and through his great descendant Jesus the Christ, but in the immediate context also there is a mighty blessing. He becomes a great friend of God, so much so that God cannot hide his plans from him, like on His way to Sodom and Gomorrah, he has to stop Himself, turn around and tell Abraham about his plans for Sodom and Gomorrah. Abraham even pleads the case for Sodom and Gomorrah. The only other Old Testament person who sort of comes close to this is Elijah.

In the New Testament there are  the characters of Simeon and Anna, and God again cannot stop Himself from whispering in their ears, His presence as a babe, come to the temple. In the Acts of the Apostle this is a reality for those living the Christ-life, and we learn how these turned the world upside down.

This is a promise for us too… The reward is the reality of living with Jesus here and now, and being recognised as His friend. Don’t limit your thoughts to only this reality. This gift of friendship with God is like the wisdom that was granted to King Solomon. With wisdom, came everything else. And it will come to us in learning to prioritise our relationship with God. If King Solomon received earthly wisdom, we are granted the presence of Wisdom incarnate Himself – Jesus Christ. And when Jesus is in us and with us, he will guide, lead and satisfy us.

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