The Rich Young Man

The Rich Young Man



Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday

Of The Eight Week In Ordinary Time

Mark 10:17-27

Jesus is always saddened to learn that we humans trust everything else in the world like money, people, godmen, employers, parents, teachers, kids, friends and so on than trust our God.


In the above passage when Jesus hears the rich man say that he observed all the commandments Moses gave Jesus is happy but when the rich man is asked to leave his possessions, he walks away.  Firstly, Jesus humbles himself by saying that only God is good and proves that he is fully human. And knowing human mindset tells the disciples that it would be more difficult for people with more riches and attachments to enter into the Kingdom of God.  The eye of the needle that Jesus refers, probably is one of the narrow gate of Jerusalem through which camels loaded with heavy burdens could not pass through.  The camels had to be offloaded to enter this gate.  Similarly, Jesus expects us to offload our riches, attachments and make ourselves lighter to be able to enter into the Kingdom of God.  

The disciples understand that there would not be a single person who would fall in this category and so they ask Jesus, then who would be saved.  And Jesus’ answer shows us how merciful and compassionate God is.  He says for man it is impossible to enter in the Kingdom of God as no one is perfect but God can as there is nothing that is impossible for God. He is the Super power, Almighty, Awesome God.

Let us reflect on the above passage and ask Jesus to help us give away all the excess we are holding with us, it might be clothes, utensils, money, etc.  Help us Lord to realise that all that we have is yours and it is our duty to share and give to the needy.  But we see that we as human beings are so used to holding on to our all that we own and we either save it in Banks or invest in buying property or funds.   Lord, we pray to give us the grave to have a big heart and help others grow.

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