The Question about Fasting


To Read Click Matthew 9:14-15



  • Mark here is trying to teach us a reality
    • The disciples of John the Baptist and the Pharisees fasted in anticipation of the Messiah
    • We fast in our desire for God’s Kingdom to be fully realised in the world
  • But the disciples of John the Baptist missed a point.
    • There no longer should have been any disciples to John the Baptist
    • Like Andrew and Phillip they should have flocked to Jesus.
    • Because John’s role was to point to Jesus.
  • If they believed in Jesus as Messiah
    • They would have realised
    • In the presence of the King
    • There can only be rejoicing
  • Jesus’ message was quite different to that of John
    • While John’s message was hell and brimstone
    • Jesus message was more of tolerance and love.
    • This may have confused many
  • If you have any confusion
    • Approach Jesus
    • And ask him to help you resolve any confusion
    • Or doubts in your life
  • And as he cleared the matter for John’s disciples
    • He will bring in clarity and contentment in yours.