Jesus Calls Levi


To Read Click Luke5:27-32



  • Remember the story of the woman who pours a jar full of Perfume on Jesus
    • This is a mirror of the story
    • All Tax Collectors were considered as traitors to Judaism and treated as sinners because of their scrupulous and unethical ways to do their business.
    • Here Jesus calls this tax Collector
    • Giving him home and purpose
    • He knows now his life is not useless
    • So he rejoices and conveys this hope to all his other Tax Collectors like hopeless cases.
    • He in fact is proclaiming the saving grace he has received
    • At the hands of Jesus the Messiah
    • This makes sense only
      • In the insight that Levi knew what he was doing was wrong
      • And he needed a remedy to help him be whole/clean again.
  • The Pharisees and scribes are inserted here to help us see the opposing position to that of Levi and the other so-called sinners.
    • The Pharisees and scribes saw themselves as righteous
    • And not needing to make any changes in their lifestyle
    • Hence when they approached God
    • They sang their own virtues
    • They had no need of God as saviour
    • Only as Conqueror
  • Mark is helping us see
    • In humility when we recognise our condition
    • And we call to God
    • God can come and help us
    • Else we are pushing him to the fringes of our life