The Cost of Discipleship


To Read Click Luke 9:22-25



  • The understanding I see here is that discipleship here is linked to
    • Baptism into Christ
    • Because the difficulties Jesus states here to be his disciple
    • Are the same that are required to be truly and fully Baptised into Christ
  • Self-Denial and the Cross are two elements that are part of Christian Baptism.
    • Denial of knowledge and understanding of things that we have of our own
    • And to accept wisdom and assurance which one gets via being transformed
    • By the knowledge and understanding which Christ imparts
    • For many of us the demands of Christ’s Discipleship is undesirable and painful to accept.
  • This is the same knowledge and understanding of persons we call saints.
    • Especially noticeable among the many martyrs
    • Who joyfully and gladly accepted persecution, ridicule and death.
  • We see this even in Paul,
    • Who in 2 Corinthians, notes the various difficulties he bears,
    • only for the Love of Christ.
    • Which leads him to do things which he would not otherwise do.
  • We pray, God’s Word instructs and lights up our path
    • With understanding and wisdom
    • To accept transformation into Christ and its demands