The Purpose of the Parables


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday Of The Sixteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 13:10-17

Jesus explains the Purpose of the Parables, through the parables of the kingdom. Jesus speaks of the hidden mysteries of God’s Kingdom among us. Jesus uses everyday life events and things used to bring out the the hidden truth, to clearly understand the parables and teachings, we need to spend more time with Jesus. The message is for all and speaks individually to everyone listening. and only few grasp the message, and only few are privileged, like the inner circle of Jesus, like those of his disciples who spend time with the Lord. But if we do not act on the message revealed through the parable, all is in vain.

Jesus is already upset with the people for many of them did not understand and there failed to accept the parable truth which is simplified and clear. People had already rejected Gods message in past (Old Testament times), hence Jesus made the messages easy to accept by use of daily life activities, like soil, seed, sower. He also blesses and gives in Abundance to those who desire and accept His Word.

Holy Spirit help us to understand the word revealed through the parables.

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