Jesus The Bridegroom Enters Jerusalem


Mark 11: 1-10

This is the reading not of the main Mass today, but the reading during the palm procession, preceding the Mass. It speaks of what we remember about this day; Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, as its rightful ruler and bridegroom. And he comes riding on a donkey, just like King David his Father. He is destined to continue David’s rule forever.

Let’s reflect on Jesus the Bridegroom. The covenant he is going to establish is a marriage covenant. In the Exodus Passover, God and Man came into an alliance of protection, by becoming one Family. This was solidified and cemented at Mount Sinai, where Israel enthroned God as their King. David furthered the promise to Abraham in Genesis 12, when he opened the Temple for all people to come and worship Yahweh. But if you look closely in all these instances there was also apostasy and rebellion of some sorts. Example is the Golden Calf incident and even Solomon in his later life leading Israel into apostasy by allowing foreign idols and their worship in Israel.

At this stage it would do us good to remember the “Landowner Parable” who let out his Vineyard, and when he sent his servants to collect rent/his due, they were killed. Finally,  he sent his only Son… Here is Jesus the rightful Lord and God of all creation coming to his own… ordinary folks have started to believe and see who he is, they take up palm leaves and hail him. You are there in the crowd, is there something stopping you from proclaiming him as God and Lord?

Today starts Holy Week, let us bow our heads for a moment, acknowledging the rightful ruler of our lives. Open your heart to him. Tell him your doubts, aspirations, worries, tell him also how Corona has scared you and paralysed your life. Invite Jesus into your heart anew, ask him to take charge and lead the way in re-forming you in a new way. Re-forming you into Jesus’ own likeness.