The Plot to Kill Jesus

The Plot to Kill Jesus


Reflection on the Gospel of the Saturday

In The Fifth Week In Lent

John 11:45-57

On account of resurrection of Lazarus many Jews believed in Jesus. Pharisees and high priest highly disturbed by the miracles of Jesus. They started stopping people to follow Jesus. More they  warned Jesus and his disciples to stop proclaiming the God’s kingdom more people believed him. Finally they plot to kill Jesus and his follower but High Priest Caiaphas counsel them to kill Jesus only instead of punishing entire nation (violence) thus he prophesied Jesus is going to be died for the sake of entire nation.

Whenever we are doing good things definitely there is group of people who stand against us and start challenge us and put obstacles for our growth and completion of the work. Many of us try to justify our work and start giving explanation to them thus get diverted from our focus area. Our goal gets changed and run behind to please the people or accuser. Finally one day we feel fed up and give up the good work.

When you are reaching the high point and feel like to give up remember the struggle faced by Jesus in his life and how he handled the situation. It will encourage us, strengthen us and give solution or guidance to our problem too. As son of God he patiently faced challenges physically and mentally but he never enter into argument and justified his good acts instead he silently moved away from that situation. Jesus always focused on his goal ie will of God and work towards it. He never pleased anyone his aim is to please God alone. Through prayer Jesus got strength to continue his mission and focused on his goal thus, Jesus alone carried the burden of good news and brought redemption to nation.

As we are entering into holy week let’s make a decision to please God alone and focus on our own work and fulfill the will of God.

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