The Pharisees Test Jesus on the Subject of Divorce

The Pharisees Test Jesus on the Subject of Divorce

Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday In The Nineteenth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 19:3-12

The Pharisees  never tired of trying to trap or trick Jesus with their twisted intentions, but Jesus always responded with very fundamental responses. The tricky question of divorce is thrown at Jesus to check which Jewish school of thought he sided with. Jesus instead points to Genesis,  showing the will of the Father in creating man and woman; that a man may be joined with his wife  in the intimacy of marriage to become one flesh. This relationship is sealed with the Father’s blessing, never to be broken.  Jesus also rejects the argument of the concession given by Moses in the desert (which was given due to  human sinfulness)  and reaffirms God’s will as Creator.  

To the question from the disciples, Jesus nicely explains that the gift of celibacy is not for all but only for those called to this vocation by God. The reference to ‘eunuchs’ here is to be understood as ‘incapable of marriage’  also identifying those who have  voluntarily renounced marriage for the Kingdom of Heaven and devote themselves entirely to serve it.  

When we reflect on our current state of vocation, be it single, married or religious – do we see ourselves in complete union with God and his will?   Let us count our blessings  for the vocation that we have chosen and thank God for his loving partnership.

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