The Peace of Jesus

The Peace of Jesus

John 14:27-31a

Peace is experienced in God’s Presence. We definitely experience it when God assures us of his presence and action in our lives, especially when things around us may be a mess.

Here is Jesus preparing his disciples for the horror of what is to happen to him and their own fight with the fear that is going to take charge in their lives. Fear not, he is telling them. God is at the center of this action even though you may not realise it. And if you should turn to God, you will experience his assurance, by the marked sign of his Presence – his Peace.

Peace is not a situation where everyone has laid down their arms and intermingling with one another. Neither is it the absence of strife, suffering and pain. It is the Presence of God, which brings us deep assurance, confidence and affirmation of God’s action in our midst.

With that regard, for me Jesus is Peace!

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