Jesus the True Vine


John 15:1-8


I have come across a titbit regarding vineyards. It seems that the rows and rows of vines are got from one single vine which has been cultivated and preserved for generations and generations. This is so that the same quality and taste of the wine remains, and this is why various Wines coming from the various vineyards are appreciated, since their quality remains intact, and is recognisable, and thus appreciated. Jesus then is that original Vine, the Word which was spoken at creation, and from whom everything came to be, including humanity. Everything and everyone comes from the stock of Jesus the Original Vine. 

We are the branches; means that directly or indirectly all humanity is connected in and through Jesus – who is the source of all life. An intimate union between the vine (Jesus) and branches (disciples) is required. We need to completely abide in Jesus so that the life (sap) of Jesus may flow freely into us, thus bearing fruit, fruit that will last. A Disciple requires to be absolutely dependent on Jesus for his life and growth. I.e. he needs to have an inseparable relationship between Jesus and himself. 

Abba Father, the true vinedresser loves us so much that he is always at work taking care and tending to our needs to grow as persons and as his children. Growth is an ongoing process, similar to a river needing to always be flowing/running. Pruning, i.e. disciplining may sound painful, yet it is necessary for us to grow and bear fruit.

But then for some reason should we divorce/block from the trunk/Jesus… then we start dying or our life becomes deficient is some way or the other. Therefore Jesus exhorts, do not divorce/block yourself from me, remain in me. For he is the only means to reach the Father’s Presence (i.e. Eternal Life and Joy)… If we are feeding from the trunk-Jesus, then we are healthy and are bearing fruits in accordance with God’s desire for our life. These fruits really help us to attain eternal life which is the same life of Jesus and the Father.

Abba Father intervenes in our life because he loves us tremendously. He seeks to help us see Jesus as the Way to come in God’s Presence. Thus abiding in Jesus glorifies/satisfies Abba Father. This is when People around us take notice and start knowing what it means to be Christian – i.e. Christ Life.