The Parable of the Wedding Banquet


Reflection on the Gospel of the Thursday
Of The Twentieth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 22:1-14

Today’s Gospel of the Parable of the Great Banquet has two themes to offer and they tell us two truths.

The first theme is of the eternal and steadfast love of God, which will be properly completed in the Marriage of the Lamb/Jesus with the Church. At the starting, in the section from Genesis 1-11, where all important facts of humanity are stated in the order of importance, we have God establishing and blessing Marriage, almost at the beginning. This is the grace by which, he will accomplish the restoring of humanity with himself and it is in his mind when he promises Adam & Eve/humanity, that he will draw them back to himself. The Old Testament then is a constant retelling of this theme, and it portrays Israel/humanity as being the one engaged in marriage to God.

The second theme is in a way the story and pinnacle of the New Testament. The time of Kairos/Grace, which is now active, with the suffering, death, resurrection of Jesus and the birth of the Church (Pentecost). All are welcomed into the Church, the new Ark of Noah/New Grace. We can confidently identify this Ark with Jesus and his Church. It is the promise of Genesis 3:15 fulfilled and God is inviting us all to be part of his Son, but we are required to have an earnest heart desiring to never let go of Jesus. And this story is played out in every eucharist, come then and cleanse of yourself and hold on to Jesus. Don’t run away. Don’t disqualify yourself with your legs in two boats. Invest your all in Jesus, and live your life with Him.

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