The Lament over Jerusalem

The Lament over Jerusalem


Reflection on the Gospel of the Friday
Of The Twentieth Week In Ordinary Time

Matthew 23:34-40

How very practical and true! If we are unable to love someone who is in front of us, a fellow human being, another creature or creation of God, then how can we profess to love God whom we do not see? Our hearts, souls and minds were meant to solely love our creator ”Abba Father’ and in turn reflect God’s love to others. 

Jesus’ teaching was so simple and yet brought out the truth so beautifully. The Pharisees were so blinded and full of the observance of the Law, that they had lost sight of the impracticality of  the Law. The following of empty rituals overshadowed the real intention of the law. Even today, we go through the same thought process – there is so much time and energy spent in fault finding and self righteousness that the essence and spirit of being a participative community is lost. 

Pope Francis highlights this very principle and teaching through his encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti’. He says St. Francis recognized that the heart of the Christian message was “a fraternal openness that allows us to acknowledge, appreciate, and love each person, regardless of physical proximity, regardless of where he or she was born or lives” (Fratelli tutti [FT], 1)

Do we follow this message of ’Love  – Agape’ in our lives and within the community? Are we willing to change our response  – Love instead of Hate, Patience instead of Anger and Peace instead of Aggression?

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