The Parable of the Ten Pounds

The Parable of the Ten Pounds


Reflection on the Gospel of the Wednesday
Of The Thirty-Third Week In Ordinary Time


Luke 19:11-28

Dig it out, multiply and be happy.

Though the master in the parable is portrayed as a harsh and tyrant man we have no reason to fear because he is nothing like Jesus. Jesus instead has offered us His yoke which is lighter. He has given us life in abundance and not just few talents or pounds. His trade is more than fair, eternal love and togetherness for a few years of obedience and service through Church and community. He has entrusted us with His kingdom, with the harvest. What are we doing?

By the very virtue of our baptism we have entered into a life of service not just to play a roll of a servant but to mould us as co-heirs in the kingdom of God. To each of us is given few talents and boundless Grace through the Holy Spirit. Its not the number of talents we have that matters but what we do with the Grace of God. Its not how successful we become that matters but how obedient we are in using what we have received to build Gods kingdom and obey Him in Love. Never mind that small talent you have. Your faith in obedience will move the mountain. The question is, do we have love for God which is greater than our self-love to invest our talents as instructed in the bible even when we cannot see the returns but know that this act will please God who loves you more than this world will ever do?
Advent is just around the corner? Don’t wait for tomorrow. Go and dig out your talents, be it music, dance, teaching ,preaching or something as simple as cooking or needle work, surrender it to the Lord. Let us repent for our failure to use our talents and lack of determination and not procrastinate but with the help of the Holy Spirit make good use of everything entrusted to us for God’s glory.

Lord help us to use our talents for your glory knowing that our reward is you, Our true love and eternal companion. Amen

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