The Parable of the Talents & The Judgment

The Parable of the Talents & The Judgment


Reflection on the Gospel of the Monday
Of The Twenty-Third Week In Ordinary Time


Matthew 25:3-46

This chapter is a couple of days before the Passover and Jesus’ arrest.  Only his disciples were with him not the crowd.

After talking about the tribulations and signs that would follow in the days to come, Jesus talks about the things required to enter the Kingdom of heaven.  He has broken it into three parts.

  1. Be alert, ready and even shrewd at all times like the Bridesmaids who had carried additional oil in their lamps keeping in mind the unexpected to happen and do not fall prey to careless people who at the last-minute run around looking out for help, in this case the groom arrived late and the other bridesmaid had to go out searching for oil.
  2. Sloth is what our Lord hates.  We cannot just sit back and hide and waste our talents like the one who hid the talent his master gave with the fear that someone will take it away or he may lose it.  He wants us to be active and working.  He sees our efforts and helps us multiply.  Not just in monetary way, but also our talents that we possess to sing, draw, cook etc.  We know we are good, but we sit back and waste away our time.  We should think of the people who lack in senses like eyesight, hearing, are special kids and so many other disorders and they too make efforts to excel in different fields. 

Finally, Jesus talks about the Judgement day when nations will be judged based on their works of charity.  He said the good and the bad will separated just like the shepherd separates the sheep and the goats.  The true love of God is seen in the sheep. As the sheep respond to their brother’s need, they are united in their distress and at the same time unwittingly, unconsciously, without hypocrisy, align themselves with Christ. Apparently, they are not even aware of what they were doing. This is a kind of love that cannot be faked or put on. “By this all will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another” (John 13:35).

The reaction of the goats is quite different. They have little sympathy for God’s way and remain indifferent and are known to be selfish 

Reflecting on the above passage let us ask our good Lord to give us the wisdom to always be alert and ready as we do not know when the hour will come.  Help us to be active and thank God use the talents given to each one of us and make us like sheep obeying and following our Master Jesus.


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